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With personal debt plaguing the U.S. economy and people of all income levels, everyone is searching for a simple and quick debt free solution. In truth, lifting yourself from deep debt takes time and effort, as well as a good look at your individual debt situation. Your neighbor's solution may not solve your situation as well as his or hers. A number of recommended methods help people gradually pay off their debt, among them debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is essentially a process by which two or more loans or credit card balances are lumped together under one new loan with a new loan term, interest rate, and payment schedule. It is not a magic debt reduction method, and it is not a suitable or practical solution for every debt problem. It is, however, the means through which many people simplify their debt situations. It gives people the opportunity to make one lump payment each month to a debt consolidation company that turns around and pays the creditors and lenders whose credit balances and loans had been consolidated.

Why use a debt consolidation company?

A good debt consolidation company helps you determine which loans to consolidate and which type of consolidation loan works best for, and also helps you with debt management. They contact your creditors and lenders to secure good interest rates for you, and they are responsible for distributing your now one monthly payment in proper amounts to the proper creditors and lenders. If you ensure your one payment is on time, you can be certain everyone you owe that you've lumped into that consolidation plan will also be paid on time. Because missing or late payments likely helped muddle your credit, making timely payments will help get your credit back on track.

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The debt consolidation industry is competitive and infested with debt-free solution scams. Finding a knowledgeable company with experience and a good track record can be a frustrating process, so we've simplified that process for you. When you fill out our complimentary, no-obligation form, we match you with our debt consolidation partners whose services best correspond to your needs. While you do a little more research on the top companies and their quotes, these companies may contact you with details of their services and rates. You choose a company based on your needs, or save the information for a later date, once you have assessed your debt and explored your options.

Debt consolidation is not usually a debt free solution in of itself. When you consolidate your debt, you should take advantage of other debt solutions and pair them with your consolidation plan. You still owe the money you have borrowed. Taking on a temporary second job; creating a clear and strict budget for you and your family; refraining from making additional charges or taking out additional loans; reviewing your credit reports for damaging false claims; being aware of your spending habits; and reviewing past habits and patters that put you in your current debtor's position are ways to ensure your debt consolidation works at its full potential.

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